To the Editor: Use Plain Soap


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Use Plain Soap

The FDA says “plain soap and water” is best—so why do consumers continue to purchase antibacterial products which may cause antibiotic resistance and other negative health problems? In addition to being promoted by the Food and Drug Administration, plain soap is cheaper!

Take a look at Consumer Reports for five reasons to skip antibacterial soap (this includes dish detergent as well).

Triclosan was a primary offending ingredient, and, for the most part, this chemical has been removed from the shelves. However, Triclosan (according to a recent Medscape article) is still listed on some labels. Of course, there is no guarantee that the ingredients that have replaced Triclosan are an improvement.

Please research these antibacterial products and use comparative shopping to decide if you really want to use them. And why they proliferate during the time of coronavirus is beyond me—after all, they are totally ineffective against a virus.

Sherry Moon


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