East Trailhead of Tunnel Reopens with More Parking

Claudius Crozet Blue Ridge Tunnel East Entrance. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

The Blue Ridge Tunnel’s east trailhead parking lot reopened May 4 after construction that expanded the number of parking spaces from 12 to 56. Neighbors living next to the entrance are also glad to have a new wooden fence that prevents parking on their grass.

The tunnel remains fully accessible despite the closure of Route 250 on May 3. Until Route 250 reopens, if you visit arriving from the east, take Route 151 to Route 6 West, known locally as Afton Mountain Road. 

The west entrance on the Waynesboro side of U.S. 250 has remained open. The western trailhead has a steeper slope and slopes on the western trail are as high as 19 degrees, which may be limiting for some. The eastern trail is considered handicapped-accessible with designated parking. 

The tunnel has nearly 50,000 visitors since it opened last November. 


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