To the Editor: Love Your Garden


Many thanks to Michael Marshall for his kind words in the July editorial. It’s been a pleasure to share my horticultural thoughts with Gazette readers for the past dozen years. That said, I can’t resist sharing some final musings.

In gardening, plants rule. Yes, design is certainly important. For example, I personally believe that in a grouping, odd numbers of plants look better than even, cool colors work best with cool, hot colors go with hot, etc. But if something works for you, that’s what matters. If you’ve always wanted to grow a particular plant, go for it, whether it fits into some grand garden scheme, or not. (After doing the required research on its horticultural requirements in books, magazines and online, of course.)

Enjoy visiting other gardens. (When travel is safe, of course.) Many wonderful public gardens can be found in our country and around the world, and you don’t have to worry about the weeds. Granted, obsessive-compulsive types like me can’t resist the urge to weed wherever I go, but most people can turn a blind eye.

Finally, get out and enjoy Nature’s gardens, in the forests, alpine meadows, deserts and prairies of our planet. You never know how much longer some of them will persist.

Best wishes,

Charles Kidder
Cary, NC


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