Business Briefs: August 2021

Old Trail Medical Arts building rendering as of December. Photo courtesy Old Trail Village News.

Medical Arts Building Rises in Old Trail

Construction is still in its early stages, but space in the Old Trail Medical Arts building in front of the Lodge at Old Trail is fully allotted, allowing for the expansion of three familiar local practices. Crozet Eye Care, Crozet Pediatric Dentistry, and a third tenant will move into the building in early 2022, each occupying one of the spacious suites. 

View from the south side of the one-story structure. Photo courtesy Old Trail Village News.

The project is a collaboration between Turner Enterprises, BRW Architects and Alan Franklin Engineering. Turner Enterprises purchased the land from The Lodge, and the one-story, 10,500-square-foot building was designed to reference the classical architecture types as well as the blocks of modern structures in Old Trail, according to the December Old Trail Village newsletter. 

Construction in early stages for the Old Trail Medical Arts Building. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

Dr. Shannon Franklin of Crozet Eye Care said the three suites are delineated by the roof lines, although occupying the same structure. “We’ve had a lot of questions from our Lodge at Old Trail patients about the gazebo,” she said. “That’s on the other side, on Lodge property.”

August 12 Opening Set for Augusta Health Primary and Urgent Care

The new Augusta Health Primary and Urgent Care Center on Radford Lane is booking appointments in advance of its opening August 12. Stephen Brawley, MD, is the primary care doctor for the practice, which also includes radiology, lab services and urgent care. All can be reached at 434-823-7896. Primary care hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; radiology and lab hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and urgent care hours are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Imported, Destructive Pest Reported in Albemarle County

The Spotted Lanternfly made its first appearance in Albemarle County in July. The Virginia Cooperative Extension Office has been training volunteers to monitor the spread of this pest since April 2020. The state’s first invasion of these colorful insects was reported in Winchester several years ago, and experts say the pest spreads rapidly because it’s not fussy about what it eats. Its preference for fruit crops makes it a threat to local wineries and orchards. Its very favorite food is Tree of Heaven.

Its appearance is unmistakable, with a bright yellow and black body and spotted red, white and black wings. 

The Spotted Lanternfly slipped into Albemarle County in mid-July. Photo: Va. Cooperative Extension.

At King Family vineyards, Matthieu Finot said the pest could be an issue, but because it’s easily recognizable and fairly big, it will be easily spotted. “We spend lot of time in the vineyard so if they come near it, we will see them,” he said. “We have the tools to remediate if this should happen.” 

According to Bannon Squirewell of the Virginia Wine Growers Association, the flies hitched a ride from Asia in a shipment of stone and can devastate apple, grape, peach, cherry and hops plantings. They’ve already contributed to a decline of black walnut trees in the region. The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said apples and grapes are particularly at risk, and any infested region can expect to see a marked impact on those crops. The insects travel in swarms and are can wipe out a vineyard quickly. VDACS has established protocols for dealing with the pests, and anyone who believes they have seen one in any phase should contact VDACS at [email protected].

Vaccines Available at Parkway Pharmacy

There’s a number of ways Crozet residents can receive a vaccine nearby. Paul Plantz, the pharmacist at Parkway Pharmacy, said people can walk in or call to get their shot. What shots those people get will depend on the inventory. One of the three vaccines will be available, but the Pharmacy usually doesn’t know in advance which one. “We’ve also gone to homes to administer shots when necessary,” Plantz said. 

Jason Elliott of the Blue Ridge Health District said health department and Charlottesville Fire Department personnel will come to homes in Crozet to administer shots. “While we’re there, we’ll check your fire alarms, change your batteries and make sure you have enough fire alarms, no matter where in the health district you live.” The health department sponsors ongoing clinics and also comes to churches, offices and other groups wanting mass vaccination. There is no charge for any of these services by either Parkway or the Health District.

With the Delta variant of COVID-19 raging nationwide, health officials recommend that even vaccinated people avoid crowded and poorly ventilated indoor spaces and wear a mask if it becomes necessary to enter such spaces. The overall guidance from the Virginia Department of Health is to be aware of the risk in your area. Currently, the risk in Albemarle County is considered high because more than 5 per 100,000 people are infected daily, up 82 percent from this time last month. In the Northwest health region, which includes Albemarle County, 1,088 people have caught COVID-19 in the past month, 99 percent of them unvaccinated.  Of the 39 people in Albemarle County who were hospitalized in the past month, 100 percent were unvaccinated. Nearby Waynesboro is considered at very high risk for the unvaccinated, with a nearly 500% increase in cases in the last two weeks of July.

Crozet proper (zip code 22932) has recorded 440 total cases during the life of the pandemic. Information on hospitalizations and deaths is not available by county. (Source:

Call Parkway Pharmacy to schedule a vaccine: 434-823-6337; or call the Virginia Department of Health Covid Hotline 434-972-6261 for Covid testing, information, or vaccination.

Fabric Prints at Crozet Artisans Depot

Emily Wool, a Crozet resident, is the featured artist for August at the Crozet Artisans Depot. She’ll be at the Depot in person to answer questions Saturday, August 14, from 1 to 3 p.m. The show is titled “New Work by Emily Ruth Prints” and runs August 1 – 31.

Work in fabric by Crozet’s Emily Wool featured through August at Crozet Artisans Depot.

The new work includes screen-printed and block-printed textiles featuring designs inspired by nature and sewn into bags and home goods. “I first began to see patterns in nature in the fall of 2015 after an eye-opening trip to the Adirondacks,” Wool said. “From there, I fell into the rhythm of walking, noticing, sketching, carving, and printing, and have been enjoying this process almost every day thereafter.”

Crozet Artisans Depot is a hub for the artist community of Central Virginia, representing more than 70 regional artisans. Its home is the historic depot in Crozet’s downtown.

Coconut Thai Kitchen’s Kitty Ashi. The Thai restaurant opened July 11 and is open every day except Tuesday for lunch and dinner. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

Biz Bits

Sal’s Pizza is scheduled for inside dining starting August 3; You no longer need a reservation to dine at Fardowners, but proper spacing will be maintained inside and at the bar. Long-time manager Scotty Lynch has left Fardowners for a job more compatible with family life, said W.C. Winkler, one of the owners. 

Chef Laura Fonner has been spotted locally in her new Heard! Food Truck at King Family’s Vineyard and at Bargamin Park. More recently, she’s been back on the Food Network to help Guy Fieri celebrate the grand reopening of his Flavortown Market, where she’s been one of his favorite guest chefs. See where she’ll be next: @heardtruckcville.

It was hot! But the hens are still laying at Decker’s Happy Eggs, and it’s now possible to pick up a dozen anytime, day or night, and without advance notice, at the back gate of the chicken farm. Find details at

Cool banana puddings are a sweet treat for patrons of Sam’s Hot Dogs.

The hot, dry July caused a surge in sales of the cool banana and chocolate puddings made in-house at Trey’s Cafe and Sam’s Hot Dogs,  a happy addition to the dessert menu that also includes homemade cake slices by Judy Woods. Trey Wilkerson has also added new cold turkey, ham and chicken salad sandwiches and triple decker clubs, and has decorated the newly expanded place with colorful wooden panels and some retro machines reminiscent of beach arcades

Mark Gresge of l’Etoile caterers closed up shop briefly to go fishing. In Waynesboro, Orchard Creek (at the former Waynesboro Country Club) will host “Beach Vibes,” the Waynesboro YMCA’s 34th annual gala, on August 27. The Afton Express (despite its name, there are no stops in Afton) begins transporting commuters from Staunton and Waynesboro to Charlottesville and back September 1. 

It was hot! Popular Crozet caterer l’Etoile closed briefly for vacation. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.


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