To the Editor: Help Keep Harmony Place

The playground behind Crozet Library, named Harmony Place, was built and is maintained by Tabor Presbyterian Church. Photo: April, 2017.

Harmony Place playground behind the Crozet Library was a gift to Crozet from Tabor Presbyterian Church. In 2014, Bettye Walsh and Carol Davis dreamed of a place for young children and their parents to play. They named the area Harmony Place, as there were countless ways to make music using the drums, gongs, chimes, as well as the huge xylophone. The park also included spaces to bring a sense of calm: a Zen garden and prayer labyrinth. There were unusual swings, a putting green, horseshoe pit, wooden bridge, sandbox, climbing ropes, discovery barrels, wooden balancing objects, the ever-popular tether ball, and a structure with a slide. Children’s laughter was the “music” we heard all day long. 

Then the vandalism began and one by one we had to remove every single activity from the park, even the little kitchen the Girl Scouts made and the “rock” structure with the swinging bridge built by an Eagle Scout. Right before the pandemic, we offered a swing for parents and young children, which was structurally damaged in early spring. The very latest act of violence was done to the balance beam. It is now roped off so it will not be used, as is the “Bamboo Forest,” which is scheduled to be bulldozed when the new road is built. 

Tabor Presbyterian Church is asking for your help. When you visit Harmony Place, remember this sweet space belongs to all of us. Supervise your children carefully, pick up any trash you see, and check the play area. If anything needs attention, call our office at 434-823-4255 and let us know. Together we can keep this little jewel of a park open. 

Molly Jones 

Elder, Tabor Presbyterian Church


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