Trails Crew Dedicates Little Amphitheater at Mint Springs

Terri Miyamoto, president of the Crozet Trails Crew, addresses the crowd at the July 18th dedication of the Little Amphitheater at Mint Springs Park while retired ACPR greenways supervisor Dan Mahon looks on. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

On a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon, July 18, about 40 people gathered in a shady, creekside clearing at Mint Springs Park to finally dedicate the intimate Little Amphitheater. The 8 x 8’ stage— envisioned by then ACPR greenways supervisor Dan Mahon, funded by a grant from Paul McCartney, and built by the Crozet Trails Crew last year—sits at the bottom of a natural slope, outfitted with 14 benches that can seat 50-70 people. It is close to the main parking lot and ADA accessible. Attendees enjoyed pizza, lemonade, and music by Jim Pyles with the Crozet Jam Band, joined by Alanna Mahon on vocals. 

Crozet Jam Band. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

“After McCartney’s 2016 performance at JPJ, I applied to him for a small community grant to create a performance space here. The grant paid for the treated wood and concrete, and the Trails Crew came through to build it,” explained Mahon. “If you ever move to a new town, I recommend you join the trails crew, because that is where you will meet the best people. Building trails is building community.”

Terri Miyamoto. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

“We began clearing the space in February 2020, and finished the work in mid-March—right before the lockdown,” lamented Terri Miyamoto, president of the Trails Crew. “They immediately surrounded it with yellow caution tape so no one could gather here…until now!” Since the tape was removed this spring, Mahon has observed teens using the performance space for readings and improv performances. “I am hoping to see this used as a forum, maybe a once-a-month gathering of storytellers or standup comedians,” Mahon added before leading an entertaining call-and-response cadence song that began, “I used to sleep all Saturday; now I build trails in Old Crozay!” Miyamoto declared this the first annual CTC pizza party at the amphitheater.

What’s up next for the Trails Crew?  They are sponsoring a Find Bigfoot Challenge! Starting in August, if you spot Bigfoot along the Crozet trails and take a selfie with him/her, you will be eligible to win a coveted CTC baseball cap!

June Diggans demonstrates how to take a selfie to participate in the Crew’s Bigfoot Challenge during August. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

Is it true?  Has Bigfoot been spotted on Crozet’s Trails?  Yes, it’s true!  Can you find him?

The Find Bigfoot Challenge, sponsored by the Crozet Trails Crew, is a hunt for the elusive creature that you can enjoy while exploring Crozet’s trails. Starting August 6, Bigfoot will be lurking somewhere on the trails, so be aware of your surroundings when walking, biking, or running. Not to worry, he won’t attack!

Bigfoot was traced from an online template, and built by Steve Kostiw and David Miyamoto. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

How to play (it’s really easy):

  • Watch for clues on The Crozet Trails Crew Facebook page and on NextDoor.
  • When sighted, approach cautiously—he is very shy.
  • Take a selfie with Bigfoot. Get up close. He’s shy but likes attention.
  • Post your photo on the web at The submission form will ask for your name, telephone number, and email address. 
  • The first selfie received will win a fashionable and highly coveted Crozet Trails Crew baseball hat.
  • Bigfoot will be lurking around the trails throughout August. There will be several chances to spot him and to win a CTC hat. Share the fun with your friends and neighbors by posting your adventure on the Crozet Trails Facebook page! 
Photo: Malcolm Andrews.


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