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Climate-fueled extreme weather is on the rise.

We can’t ignore what we saw this past summer where nearly a third of all Americans were feeling the impacts of the climate crisis in real time—from historic droughts and wildfires to hurricanes and flooding. Virginia alone has experienced 40 extreme weather events from 2010 to 2020, costing us up to $10 billion in damages.

If we want a chance at reversing this, we must take bold action and invest in a more resilient, clean future. There’s nothing more to debate: The Build Back Better Act puts us on the clearest path to cutting pollution in half by 2030, which experts agree will help us avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

As the House prepares to consider these significant investments for our environment in the coming weeks, Virginia leaders like Rep. Good shouldn’t hesitate to vote yes. As a young person, I deserve to grow up in a world where my future isn’t predetermined by politicians who refuse to take action on a rapidly worsening crisis. It’s good for jobs, it’s better for our health, and it’s what our communities need to modernize infrastructure and improve resilience to increasing disasters.

As we’ve already seen for generations, the result of climate inaction will cost us more in the long run. We have an historic opportunity right in front of us to make smarter investments in our future; delaying is no longer an option.

Brooke Crouch


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