St. George Avenue Mural

A street mural appeared on St. George Avenue over the Thanksgiving holiday. Photo: Mike Marshall.

St. George Avenue residents in the neighborhood just north of downtown Crozet have spent much of 2021 appealing to Albemarle County and the Virginia Department of Transportation to install traffic calming measures at the intersection of St. George Avenue and St. George Street in the wake of a hit-and-run accident involving a small child near that crossing earlier this year. Local residents have been frustrated with the county’s inaction and have discussed possible solutions for months. Over Thanksgiving weekend, they painted a street mural at the intersection as both an eye-catching (and perhaps vehicle-slowing) piece of art and a show of community concern.

“We felt like we weren’t being heard and we needed to do something,” said Kelsey Fatsi, a St. George Avenue resident who is also an art therapist at a local preschool. Fatsi and other neighbors joined forces to research, design, and paint a mural depicting the Crozet “rose” from the community’s flag, surrounded by colorful railroad tracks featuring train cars that highlight Crozet’s heritage. “For us, it was about how can we embrace Crozet’s history and also give a nod to the future that’s happening all around us?” As of press time, VDOT had inspected the site and will determine whether the mural will be allowed to stay in place. 

Street mural on St. George Avenue
Street mural on St. George Avenue


  1. Good on them. Certainly can’t wait for the county or vdot to get anything done. I heard they’ve been harassing the people who painted it because it made them look bad for their inaction.


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