A New Year’s Update from The Green Olive Tree

Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

By Janet Martin

Did you know that The Green Olive Tree has been serving the community as a volunteer ministry for 42 years? We are a great recycling center for the community.

After our expenses are paid, our proceeds go to a number of local ministries and community agencies, as well as some international ones. We have given away well over one million dollars over the years.

We also give needed items and clothing to families who are referred by the local school counselors, county social services and several other local agencies.

We are thankful that the ladies who started The Green Olive Tree had a Bible study and prayed together. The GOT was born out of that vision and need. We strive to continue to honor the Lord today just as they did.

We’re also thankful for each volunteer who so unselfishly gives her/his time each week serving at the Tree. This includes the students from WAHS who are providing window decorations.

And we’re thankful for the wonderful donations from the community. This year we have given away $32,010 to various ministries and agencies. We are hoping to increase this by 50% next year.

The Green Olive Tree Board has a dream of a large spacious facility that would allow us to sell larger items. Maybe this spacious facility could also house another non-profit(s).

We also dream of a beneficiary who would like to bless the whole community by providing a facility at a low rent. Other dreams include having enough volunteers that we could be open another hour each day, that we could receive donations every day of the week and that we have a space where we could have a coffee pot and customers could sit and chat.

Because the store operates with volunteers, we had to take action at our last board meeting to discontinue accepting donations on Saturdays. We will be accepting donations on Mondays and Thursdays only until we get more Saturday volunteers. If you could volunteer for 2 or 3 hours on a Saturday, it would be wonderful.

I am excited to share a Green Olive Tree story. Last month, a young expectant couple were shopping in the store when a gentleman struck up a conversation with them. The couple related that they were experiencing difficulty having to spend $400 to get a key made for their car because of theft. They were merely relating what was happening in their lives. A few minutes later the gentleman returned to the store and handed them a $100 bill, saying he wanted to help them. 

I always say, “There are so many good people in this world like you and me!” You do meet the nicest people at the Green Olive Tree! 


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