To the Editor: Bad Reporting


Regarding the articles in your February and March issues about Western District parents suing the Albemarle County School Board, it was shocking to learn—only because of a letter to the editor in your March issue from an alert reader—that the Alliance for Defending Freedom (ADF), the firm representing five families suing the school board, has been listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

Readers are left wondering whether your reporter, Lisa Martin, had not done the modest research that would have revealed this fact, or, on the other hand, whether she was aware of this important detail but chose not to disclose it. Either way, your readers were left in the dark about an important detail bearing on this contentious local lawsuit. It’s disconcerting to have our high expectations of fair and thorough reporting in the Gazette so badly shaken in this way.

John C. Smith


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