To the Editor: Please Help Ukraine


Each individual citizen of the world, in this day and age of internet connectedness, has a significant potential to influence the outcome of this Russian war on Ukraine. This gives individuals far from the conflict the chance to intervene, more than ever before, in history. Each individual can express their disapproval of Russia’s aggression by actively donating to multiple, well-vetted sites online through the use of apps like PayPal to support Ukraine’s military and humanitarian needs. In this way we can, all of us working together, flood Ukraine with the funds to turn the tide militarily, as well as with the necessary funds to meet their humanitarian needs. Come on, World. Make This Happen. 

We are not restrained by the slow mechanisms and moral ambivalence of governments and world bodies. Come on, people. Make This Happen.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (people) to do nothing.” Let’s do something! Donate! It is the least we can do for this brave nation of people who are fighting for their lives.

Dennis Yutchishen


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