To the Editor: To the Constituents of Congressman Bob Good


On February 2, 2022, I called Congressman Good’s office to request answers to questions I had regarding his pamphlet, titled “Working to Keep America Free.” I asked his staff member why he would sponsor a bill to deregulate silencers on guns when the International Association of Chiefs of Police want silencers regulated in order to better protect citizens. I also asked why Congressman Good is “opposed to enforcing red flag laws on members of our military” when the suicide rate for current military and veterans far exceeds the national average for non-military. 

I called February 7, 14, 22. No response. After receiving the Congressman’s “Working to Preserve America’s Fiscal Future” pamphlet, I added two more questions to my list. Why did he lie by saying the Build Back Better Bill would “grant amnesty for tens of millions of illegal immigrants” when the provision for immigration within that bill never mentions amnesty? Why would he alarm constituents with such language as the “Civilian Climate Corps would in effect become climate police” when that is clearly not the intent of the proposed CCC? 

On March 3, I received a form letter from Congressman Good’s office stating that he was working to improve postal service to Albemarle County. Then on March 8, the Congressional Record indicated that Congressman Good voted ‘nay’ to the Postal Service Reform Act to fund improvements. I asked if someone could explain to me why he would say one thing and do another.  

On March 8, I was told by a staffer he had no idea how long it would take to get answers to my questions. I was taught to believe that elected officials should be responsive to their constituents. Congressman Good is a former wrestling coach, so I know he will understand when I say that his lack of responsiveness feels like stalling or fleeing the mat.

Denise Wilcox


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