Crozet Transportation Projects Update

Roundabout planned for Old Trail Drive/WAHS/Rte. 250 intersection.

Albemarle Transportation Planning Manager Kevin McDermott and Director of Facilities and Environmental Services Lance Stewart explained the status of several major local projects at the March 8 CCAC meeting. 

A roundabout for the Rt. 240/250 intersection was funded through the Highway Safety Improvement Program three years ago. It’s a state-administered project that will go to advertising within this calendar year and construction should be starting by the end of 2022.  

Summaries of the other project updates caption their diagrams. 

Construction of the roundabout at the intersection of Routes 240 and 250 at the Ivy Road House restaurant should begin by the end of 2022.
The Eastern Avenue South Extension will connect the existing Eastern Avenue in Westhall to the Cory Farms entrance on Rt. 250. The project is Crozet’s number one transportation project, ranked eighth by the county overall. An engineering study has been done, and the light blue section on the map is the proposed bridge over Lickinghole Creek. The project will cost about $25 million, and state Revenue Sharing funds have been requested to fund it. The county will find out in April if the application has been approved.
Long-awaited activity in the vicinity of the downtown plaza is still planned to begin with Crozet Square and Oak Street improvements, which will involve improving the parking spaces and to create a full connection to Oak Street and over to Library Avenue, along with drainage and ADA compliant features. VDOT has not yet signed off on the design phase, in part due to slow negotiations with railroad officials. County officials expect about six to eight months to get to a point where they are ready to issue bids, and then another year before a contractor could complete the work.


An active project is the construction of sidewalks along Rt. 250 west in the Harris Teeter area. It includes new curbs and a pedestrian mid-block crossing across Rt. 250 with flashing lights. This project had been held up by material shortages and delays, but is expected to be completed before school starts in the fall.
A roundabout at the intersection of Old Trail Drive/WAHS and Rt. 250 was not actually prioritized by the county, but the Crozet Master Plan process highlighted that this is the worst traffic intersection in all of the Crozet area. The county will be applying for a roundabout solution, submitted as a SmartScale project in the next few months, and will find out if it is funded in 2023


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