Crozet’s Kenedi Anderson Continues in American Idol Competition

Crozet’s Kenedi Anderson heads into weeks of competition for American Idol. Photo courtesy American Idol.

By the time this issue of the Crozet Gazette reaches readers, hometown talent Kenedi Anderson, a Western Albemarle High School senior, will have performed in “Hollywood Week Two” of American Idol. Anderson, the daughter of Anne and Eric Anderson, and the second oldest of six children, had a couple of advantages over the other contestants. She, along with other platinum ticket holders—Hunter Wolkonowski from Tennessee, and Jay Copeland from Maryland—were able to skip the first round of Hollywood week. The young platinum performers, all praised by the judges as future superstars, did attend and perform as a trio for the audience and other contestants, singing “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

The other advantage of the platinum ticket: instead of being assigned a partner for the Hollywood Week 2 duets last Sunday, she and the other platinum performers were able to choose their own partner. The show goes to Hawaii April 10 for a celebration of the 20th year of the series.

The competition continues until the finale on May 22, each week losing contestants until there are 24, 20, 14, 10, eight, six and, finally, three contestants left for the conclusion.

Anderson was discovered on social media and invited to audition. Follow her on TikTok under the username @kenedianderson_ or on Instagram @kenedisingforu and @kenedianderson_.



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