Crozet’s Performing Arts Studios Return to the Stage

The Cuckoos, from ABT’s presentation of “Carnival of the Animals.” From left: Louisa Pesch, Maggie Anderson, Chloe Krause, Maddie Black, Delaney Wagner, and Catalina Solorzano. Photo: Allie Pesch.

Ballet & cello students at Crozet Arts presented their first year-end performance since 2019 on April 30 at Field School. Pictured below from left to right are: Cellists: Elisa Reyes, Leslie Wilcox, Annie Li, Ina Evans, Brady Wilson, Audrey Miracle, Dean Miracle, Michele Randolph, and James Reesor; Dancers (1st row): Ella D’Aniello, Evelyn Asplin, Easton Cromer, Charlotte Sever, Gwen LaVoy, Sydney Fang, Saoirse Dair, Ellie Jane Simmers, Carina Crawford, Lilly Ruffing, Haden Dass, Penelope Donnelly, Josie Ruffing, and Elin Rowland; (2nd row): Zina Parker, Sydney Sever, Rory Cooper, Alexandra Griffith, Lilia Shepley-Mrazek, Emily Fang, Ruth Hopkins, Caroline Collins, Charlotte Belsches, Sylvie Homan, Carter Cromer, Lila Woodbury, Maya Parker.

Crozet Arts Spring Performers. Photo: Sharon Tolczyk.

Crozet Arts Ballet is directed by Sharon D. Tolczyk. Suzuki Cello at Crozet Arts is directed by Dr. Beth Cantrell. 

Albemarle Ballet Theatre welcomed the return of their annual Spring Gala On May 6 and 7 at Piedmont’s Dickinson Theatre. Choreographed by Anna Finan, Sally Hart and Veronica Piller, “Carnival of the Animals” took the audience on a musical safari through Camille Saint-Saëns’ imagination, with comedic wit in the form of poems by Ogden Nash, performed by the master of ceremonies Claire McCulloch. Advanced students presented “Rhapsody,” choreographed by Piller. 

Advanced ABT dancers performed “Rhapsody.” Behind Alyssa Free are Natalie Abbott, Claudine Bechamps, Hannah Olson, Maureen Sanborn, Townsend Stumpf and George Vavrik. Photo: Allie Pesch.


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