Walk to the Park for the Fourth of July Celebration

Walk to the Park for the Fourth of July Celebration

Although there will not be a fireworks show this year, the annual Crozet Independence Day Celebration after the parade will still bring a lot of traffic to Crozet Park. So many cars trying to leave at the same time takes a l-o-n-g time.

It can be difficult and dangerous to walk home from the park in the dark because there are no sidewalks from the park towards the neighborhoods to the east. 

The Crozet Connector Trail can provide a safe, off-road route to neighborhood roads where there are sidewalks.

The Crozet Trails Crew will place reflective signs along the route from Crozet Park to Eastern Avenue to help direct walkers along the trail to the trail entrance closest to their destination.

Please remember to bring good flashlights—you will want more than the light from your cell phone.

If you choose to walk to Crozet Park, please remember to go to the entrance point near the Y building to make a donation to the event.

Directions for using the Connector Trail to access Glenbrook, Foothill Crossing, Westhall, Westlake, Western Ridge and Stonegate:

Take the paved perimeter trail or walk between the ballfields to the sign for the dog park.  Walk the trail to the right around the dog park, cross over the creek bridge and turn right onto the Connector Trail.

For Glenbrook:  in about 500 feet, take the gravel trail to the left.

For Westhall and Westlake:  continue a short distance past the Glenbrook turnoff to a paved trail on the right. That trail takes you over a bridge and continues uphill to Summerdean Road and Jonna Street where you can connect via sidewalk to Westlake.

For Foothill Crossing, Stonegate, and Western Ridge:  stay on the Connector Trail and just before the pedestrian tunnel take the short uphill trail on your left up to Eastern Avenue and continue to your left toward Park Ridge Road. (Those familiar with the Connector Trail can stay on the trail through the tunnel ¾ of a mile to the Fairwinds Lane trailhead.  However, no signs will be posted beyond the pedestrian tunnel.) 


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