Crozetians at Western States

From left: Michelle and John Andersen, Marc Griffin, Jason Mais, Jeff Lysiak, Michael Dubova, Sarah Dubova. Submitted photo.

Crozet’s Michael Dubova finished the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run on June 26 in 18 hours and 30 minutes, as the 15th male. John Andersen paced Duvova for many miles, and  they were crewed by their wives Michelle Andersen and Sarah Dubova.

Fellow Crozetian Jason Mais finished in 27:35, supported by Marc Griffin of Waynesboro and Jeff Lysiak of Crozet. 

Earning an entry to Western States and completing its very challenging 100.2 mile course is one of the highest honors in the world of ultra running.

Runners climb a cumulative 18,090 feet and descend 22,970 feet on the trails of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. Those who complete the course within the 30-hour time limit earn a commemorative bronze belt buckle, while runners finishing in under 24 hours are honored with a silver belt buckle. 


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