Business Briefs: August 2022

Sugar Hollow by Courtney Sievers.

Pottery and Painting at the Depot

Creative pottery and vibrant oil paintings will share the spotlight at the Crozet Artisan Depot, both shows running through August. Meet artist Courtney Sievers Saturday, August 6, from 1 to 3 p.m.

Carrie Althouse of Althouse Pottery creates wheel-thrown stoneware that she carefully alters, whether by carving, glazing, slipping or staining. For some pieces, she has a lengthy process:  cutting the right-sized paper, drawing a scene on the paper, then wrapping the paper around the bowl. She traces the drawing with a pen to leave an imprint in the clay, and finishes by carving.

Carrie Althouse’s heron mug.

“As I try to bring the outdoors indoors, I have fun incorporating various pottery techniques that I’ve experimented with over the years,” she said. “You’ll find my pieces have a rustic elegance, kind of like wearing jeans and pearls.”

Charlottesville artist Courtney Sievers presents “The Blue Ridge Collection” featuring her colorful oil paintings. Sievers finds inspiration in the simple beauties of everyday life, she said, “whether (it’s) the clouds in the brilliant blue sky, the Blue Ridge Mountains and rolling hills, or the beauty and power of water.” 

The Crozet Artisan Depot is in the train depot, 5791 Three Notch’d Road.

Biz Bits

Patrons were saddened by the news that Crozet Tack & Saddle, an enterprise that’s served Crozet’s horse and farm communities for seven years, will leave its present home in downtown Crozet. The all-consignment business could not stay because of a steep raise in its current rent, said Barbara Barrell, who has been with the business since its start. “We keep hoping to find another location,” she said, “so we don’t know whether this will be a move or a closing.” She said so far, no alternate space with 3,000 to 4,000 square feet has been located. Either way, a close-out sale is in progress, with most of the stock marked down 50%.

Crozet Tack & Saddle leaving its home in downtown Crozet. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

Meanwhile, at the other end of same shopping strip, the space vacated by Trey’s Restaurant is being remodeled by Nancy Bond to house Eat Heal Glow, a business focusing on plant-based food, health education and natural healing products. Bond said the business will open in the next month or two. 

Nancy Bond to open new health-related business in downtown Crozet. Submitted photo.


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