To the Editor: Josh Throneburg


When you think of traits you would like to see in your representative in Congress, what would those be? I’m thinking of traits that you might strive to improve on in yourself or foster in your children or other young people. If those traits include openness, compassion, courage, and the ability to make decisions based on facts, I would say that you would not want to re-elect Bob Good to represent you in Congress this fall. We, in the 5th Congressional District, have an excellent candidate challenging Mr. Good—Josh Throneburg—and he really does embody the traits of someone deserving of a seat in Congress. 

Openness? Bob Good has flatly refused to debate Mr. Throneburg despite many requests from the Throneburg campaign and multiple other groups. Mr. Good won’t engage in this traditional form of political debate that allows voters to make decisions based on what they see and hear from the candidates in person. In contrast, Mr. Throneburg has been traveling across the district listening and talking with voters and developing strategies to address their concerns.

Compassion? Mr. Good voted against the PACT Act that will help veterans exposed to toxic burn pits, he refused to re-authorize the Violence Against Women Act, he voted against capping insulin prices at $35, and his extreme views on abortion would allow for no exceptions in the case of rape or incest. Yes, Mr. Good would have the government force a young victim of incest to give birth to the child of her perpetrator. Mr. Throneburg stands for a woman’s right to choose and has a robust strategy to make health care affordable for all. He believes every child should have access to care and support.

Honesty? As late as December 2020, Mr. Good called Covid a “phony pandemic.” In his district, 300 people had already died from Covid.  

Courage? Mr. Good did not have the courage to stand up to the more extreme wings of his party and honor the men and women who showed the highest level of courage on January 6, 2021 by defending our Capitol. Mr. Good was one of only a handful of lawmakers who voted against awarding the Congressional Medal of Honor to the Capitol police offers who defended our country on that day. This was another bipartisan vote that Mr. Good voted against—406 lawmakers voted for it, and 21 against it.

The ability to make decisions based on fact? Mr. Good voted against the electoral certification of the 2020 election, shortly after the Capitol was attacked. He cited spurious allegations of widespread voter fraud in various states, despite knowing those allegations had not stood up in court challenges.  To me, voting to overturn a legitimate presidential election is as un-American as you get.

Josh Throneburg grew up in a small farming community, like many in our district. He is a husband and father, has been a small business owner and is an ordained minister. He is proudly American and understands that facing issues that have to do with our rural economy, climate change, justice for all, and affordable health care is going to take all of the traits I have mentioned above. It will take listening to voters and sharing his strategies and visions with them, as he is doing across our district. I encourage you to look further into Mr. Throneburg’s position on the issues at and contact his office about finding an opportunity to meet him.

Mary Rice
White Hall

On November 8th, I will not choose Republican incumbent Bob Good as our 5th District congressman, who voted on January 6th of last year to reject the Electoral College›s votes in the 2020 election, echoing Trump’s claim that it was fraudulent. On that same day, he voted against honoring the police who defended our Capitol from insurrection. Every helpful bill that the Democrats have passed, he has opposed, and these have been many. Instead of him, I will vote for Josh Throneburg, a small business owner, farmer, and clergyman, who lives in Charlottesville with his wife and two young daughters. He is running on compassion and common sense, good-paying jobs, clean air and water, easier and cheaper visits to the doctor, wider access to broadband, and investment in our hollowed-out rural communities.

I know that in 2022 democracy itself is on the ballot. Extremist legislators in a number of key states have claimed the right to reverse election results that fail to meet their approval. Until now, an American voter’s choice has been final, but some MAGA politicians want the power to reverse it. One such bill has already been passed, signaling a sharp turn away from democracy and toward fascism. ( Thus the D beside a candidate’s name now stands for democracy, which every real patriot must step up and safeguard. November could well be our last chance to cast a vote that will be accepted!

Chuck Hawkins


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