To the Editor: School Vouchers


In response to “Parents May Review New Middle School Advisory Curriculum” from your September 2022, Vol. 17, No. 4 edition:

Instead of spending 45 minutes each week teaching our young children to be identity-consumed political activists, the school division should repurpose that time for recovering learning losses from their senseless 2020-2021 school closures. The school division claims they want to end predictive outcomes for students based on race and other categorizations, but as the raw 2021-2022 SOL data shows, it’s the school division itself which is responsible for the greatest disparity in educational equity in our lifetime. Perhaps the single most impactful thing we can do as a society at this point to promote the cause of equity is provide equal access to high-quality education through a statewide school voucher program.

Stephen Swensen
Crozet (ACPS division parent)

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