John Clifton Hesselbart

John Clifton Hesselbart

John Clifton Hesselbart, 78, of Faber, Nelson County, died peacefully at home late Saturday, February 18, in the arms of his cherished wife, Connie Brennan.  He was buried at sunset the next day on our farm, surrounded by family and loving friends.

John was born in Toledo, Ohio, and survived ABD his studies in computer science and math at the University of Michigan.  He spent much of his life designing software and starting a couple of companies, running marathons, ultra marathons and some 100 mile races, loving his wife and children, his horses, his farm, his community, and anything in the natural world.

John is survived by his wife, his children, Vanessa Hale, Jeremy Hale and Lucas Hauschner, his grandson Oliver Walliser Hale, his brothers Rol, Al and Carl, his beloved mother in law, Dorothy Brennan  (soon to be 102 years old), and numerous nieces and nephews.

John loved a good conversation, Scotch whiskey, bird watching and traveling, riding his tractor, helping his neighbors and anyone else who needed anything, and was up for anything.  He could build anything, fix anything and put up with his wife’s adventurous ideas and projects with nary a complaint.  He adored his family above all.

A memorial celebration will be held later this spring.

Only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.


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