Crozet Arts Presents Spring Dance Perfomances

Crozet Arts Ballet Dancers (left to right): 1st row: Samantha Rademacher, Samantha Stadig, Evelyn English, Fiona Bailey, Saoirse Dair, Maggie Kaufman, Lilly Ruffing, Charlotte Sever, Josie Ruffing, Sophia Foytik, Sydney Fang, Haden Dass, Eleanora Heller, Lois Hornsby-Green. 2nd row: Fiona Lynch, Alexandra Griffith, Rory Cooper, Ellie Jane Simmers, Alma Heller, Elin Rowland, Ella D’Aniello, Penny Donnelly, Greta Cohen. 3rd row: Charlotte Belsches, Ruth Hopkins, Sydney Sever, Zina Parker, Maya Parker, Lauren Quigley, Lila Woodbury.

By Sharon Tolczyk

Crozet Arts presented two Spring ballet performances Saturday, April 22, at Field School. The program included “Préparation,” danced by upper-level ballet students accompanied by Dr. Beth Cantrell, cello, and Claire Tan, piano, with advanced cello students Charlotte James, Audrey Miracle, Zoe Martin, and Bella Sonen. “Crozet Orchard Festival,” an original ballet by Sharon D. Tolczyk, celebrating the beauty and rich natural resources of Crozet, was danced by Crozet Arts Ballet students ages 6 to 18, who also helped make the props and set pieces. “Passing the Peonies” honored Crozet Arts graduating seniors Maya Parker and Lauren Quigley. Pre-Ballet and Ballet I students also performed class dances.

Technical support was provided by The Hamner Theater and Mark Nizer. The performances were a fundraiser for Crozet Arts, and included a raffle with gifts and gift cards donated by local artists and businesses.

The performances were the school’s first story ballet since 2019, due to Covid, and represented something of a recovery. The 5 p.m. performance was SRO. 

Crozet Arts presents Bird Flight (clockwise from right): Zina Parker, Sydney Sever, Lila Woodbury, Lauren Quigely, Maya Parker. Submitted photo.


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