To the Editor: Pro Rykal


I admit it. I voted for Ann Mallek in every other election she’s run in.  But over her last term, I lost confidence in her ability to lead, protect our local environment, and represent us effectively on the Board of Supervisors. Let me explain why.

While trying to save the Montclair stream last year, I reached out to Ann to ask for advice and assistance given her reputation as a champion of clean water. It soon became apparent that aside from giving it lip service and sending a few emails to County staff, she wasn’t going to provide any useful knowledge and was unwilling to do anything beyond the bare minimum to help.

Unfortunately, I learned that we can’t count on Ann when we need her the most, even on the most basic local environmental concerns like clean water. To this day, she still hasn’t bothered to visit the Montclair stream and walk it in person.

Despite the lack of governmental support, a group of dedicated neighbors stepped up to do the yeoman’s work to protect the stream. We put in hundreds of hours of historical and environmental research, uncovered critically important emails between County staff and the Army Corps of Engineers, and found a local environmental expert that helped us file a Citizen Suit under the EPA’s Clean Water Act. These efforts led to the formation of Crozet United LLC, a knowledge hub where neighbors can learn how to protect our natural resources from overzealous developers.

This experience showed me just how important it is to Crozet’s future to have a strong representative on our Board of Supervisors. We need someone who will roll up their sleeves and help when needed.  I am tired of Ann’s endless excuses, hollow words, and broken promises.

This election is the most important in our history. Each and every one of us must stand and be counted before it is too late. I volunteered for Brad Rykal’s campaign because I am convinced that he is the leader we need to turn this district around.  The time for change is now. Please join me in voting for Brad Rykal, our Independent candidate for White Hall Supervisor, this November 7th.

Eric Schmitz


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