To the Editor: The School Board Race


Crozet residents will determine the future of Albemarle County Schools. In the White Hall and At-Large District races, we can elect two common-sense citizens to the Board of Education. I sincerely hope voters will vet the candidates and choose two new agents for change—Meg Bryce and Joann McDermid. Meg and Joann, each with higher education credentials, are on record to expose a ship that veered terribly off course.

Our current taxes are spent on wasteful budgets chasing unproven climate theories and reckless transgenderism contrary to basic biology. All the while, third-graders cannot spell or, worse, read! The SOL test scores do not lie about our underachievement. When you dig deeper (the VA State Dept. of Education›s website is not easy to navigate, but I dare you to try), the SOL 2022-23 results tell a story of gaps in our achievement. Last week, the current Board of Education was served with a protest of over 1,600 signatures. In that overwhelming signal, voters have petitioned the current Board of Education not to renew the contract of the current Superintendent. Many locals want change, and we want the irrelevant, time-wasting instruction sent to the principal›s office for detention.

If you need more of the status quo, you will rubberstamp another passive voice to the detriment of achievement. All children deserve success, fairly, fully, and formally. Joann and Meg understand these challenges and pledge to make a difference.

Rebecca Templeman


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