To the Editor: Vote for my Husband


Most people make a decision and then look for evidence to support it. When voting this November, consider rising above this temptation and instead collect some facts before casting your vote. Here are some to consider:

Crozet is a designated growth area, which means our town will continue to see development. To develop thoughtfully, the Crozet Master Plan outlines a 20-year vision to guide land use and key infrastructure projects. The Board of Supervisors is responsible for the adoption and execution of this plan.

The Nov. 5, 2021 issue of the Crozet Gazette reported that Supervisor Mallek voted to approve the latest update—which reinserted a concentrated density recommendation—to the Crozet Master Plan despite “vigorous community opposition.” Mallek wrote in a letter to the editor in that same issue “people are wondering why I voted yes… [it was] to recover some civility to this process.” It is simple really; Ann Mallek is unwilling to fight for Crozet.

As I write, even more high density developments are well on their way (Old Dominion, Montclair, Oak Bluff), but critical infrastructure projects (240/250 roundabout, the Lickinghole Creek Bridge, Downtown Crozet Initiative) detailed in the Crozet Master Plan remain nonexistent.

Brad Rykal, on the other hand has skin in the game. He lives and breathes the impacts posed by unbridled growth without infrastructure improvement that we all do as residents of Crozet. As his wife, I can tell you that Brad is a proven leader who can overcome the hurdles of bureaucracy to achieve results; just as he did in the U.S. Army leading soldiers and as an executive for a Department of Defense contracting company.

Will you cast your vote for an independent candidate willing to fight for the safety of Crozet? Or will you go to the polls unfamiliar with our current supervisor’s track record and simply vote the party line?

Mallory DeCoster


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