To the Editor: Thanks, Cathy Clary


I am writing to let you know that I really enjoyed reading the article “Hollow Garden: Tucking in the Garden for the Winter” by Cathy Clary.

As a hobby gardener and landscaper, I always find articles about preparing for seasonal changes in the garden interesting and informative. Cathy Clary’s article was nicely written and informative. I appreciate the details she provided, and her first-person writing style makes the article read as if one were having a conversation with her about gardening. Her writing is so much more interesting than reading a gardening manual or textbook and her tips and recommendations are spot on. And I must note too that the story she included that began “I’ll never forget the lady who…” made the article even more interesting and entertaining.

Her pictures were excellent as well and added a lot to the article’s content and I am so glad you included them. Maybe in future articles we can learn more about Milo.

I am constantly on the lookout for new additions to our landscape and her recommendation, for example, adding Amsonia (Bluestar) as a border to flower beds was an excellent suggestion and one that I will most certainly act on this spring. You know, this article was so professionally written and informative I have actually cut it out and dropped it into my Gardening File for future reference!

I hope there will be more articles from Cathy Clary in the Crozet Gazette and that you will get more letters like mine to post in future editions. Thank you for including her article and I will be on the lookout for more tips & recommendations from Cathy Clary—the Hollow Gardener!

Stephen Paul Plaskon


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