Green Olive Tree Update

Inside the Green Olive Tree. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

By Jo Ann Perkins

The Green Olive Tree Christian thrift shop marks its 44th year in 2024, offering merchandise donated by Crozet residents. Every year the Tree keeps at least five tons of items from ending up in the county landfill. What a recycling center!

Our volunteers sort donations to see what can go in the shop and what should go to some other place. Once the decision is made, a price is placed on the item.

After we meet expenses—rent and utilities, etc.—the rest of the Tree’s income is donated back to the community for community needs. Recently a building fund has been proposed for the Tree. Yes, we really need more space.

We are a volunteer 501(c)3 Christian ministry. Our mission is to Give to Others Together with Christ. We welcome volunteers to help us. Bring your kindness, your smiles and desire to help others. Our hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday, at 5370 Three Notch’d Road. Make 2024 the year you become part of the Green Olive Tree community. 


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