Old Trail Golf Club Opens a Swing Lab

Will Merrick, a member at Old Trail Golf Course, watching his ball path on the simulator. Photo: Ron Wade.

Have you been looking for a way to improve your game or play a round at Pebble Beach or The Old Course at St Andrews, Scotland, without actually having to go there? Did you know that the number of golfers using off-course facilities such as driving ranges and simulators exceeded the numbers of on-course golfers last year according to a survey by the National Golf Foundation? Old Trail Golf Club has opened an indoor virtual range that allows you to practice, play a famous course virtually with friends, or have fun with your kids playing golf Carnival Games on the simulator.

Old Trail has installed a Foresight Sports Simulator that that lets you play more than 50 famous golf courses virtually or evaluate your game by giving you information on swing speed, launch angle, distance traveled and club head contact location. This is the same system used by dozens of professional golfers to evaluate and improve their game. The Old Trail indoor range allows you to practice and play anytime regardless of weather conditions. The swing lab includes an area for your group to enjoy food and beverages from the clubhouse menu while playing and practicing. Details on memberships and availability of the Swing Lab are available at the Old Trail Pro Shop. 


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