Crozet Trail Crew Honors Founder With Bridge Dedication

Terri Miyamoto and Jessica Mauzy. Photo: Mike Marshall.

Crozet Trails Crew founder Jessica Mauzy was honored by her friends in the CTC Dec. 2 with the dedication a new bridge on the east end of Crozet Park named for her.

“This is the aircraft carrier of bridges,” noted CTC president Terri Miyamoto, as she pulled away the piece of fabric concealing the name plaque. “It’s right at the center of our trail network.” She said it was sturdily built to be able to carry the load of landscaping equipment.

“Trails make Crozet the kind of place where we want to live,” Miyamoto said. “Right at the back door is a way to reach other neighborhoods. The CTC is part of a community that gets together to do what needs to be done. Thank you, Jessica.”

“I didn’t have to run a long way to get my name on the bridge, so I feel like I cheated,” said Mauzy, referring to the fact that bridges are usually named for the winners of the CTC’s annual 5K race, which raises money for bridge materials. “People are going ask, ‘What race did you win?’”

“All of them!” came the answer from the crowd of her fans.

She threw the credit back on the work done by CTC members.

“I’m so excited to see that so much has come true,” said Mauzy, whose earrings bore the CTC logo. “The energy of our group is influencing other decisions, like sidewalks along Crozet Avenue.”

The Mauzy bridge was designed by the CTC’s main load engineer, Phil Best, who was joined for the construction by fellow volunteers Steve Kostiw, David Miamoto and Bob Dombrowe. The cost was $1,000 in materials.

Jessica Mauzy. Photo: Mike Marshall.




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